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Khóa học: Pre IELTS, trường HELP Longlong (Baguio)

Chủ đề: Tôi đã trải qua những ngày cuối tuần như thế nào tại Philippines?

March 14th, 2017

Uno is not only a popular game, but also it’s an effective to relax, connect with new friends, and waste one’s time. I used almost all my time last Friday night to learn rules of Uno and play some games, I invited Korean and Taiwanese friends to join us. The game was getting interesting when some Uno-killers appeared and a winner could choose penalties for losers.


My friends and I

According to someone, Panagbenga us the flower festival that us known by almost all Filipinos. Everyone were talking about it with happiness. This flower festival always happens on the last weekends of February. Although, I missed the flower traditional parade, I attempted other activities in Burnham Park. I took a lot of pictures with Filipino youngsters who wore the “Paru-Paro” custom. They looked like a butterfly when they swinged their arms up. Moreover, their pride us shown by a flower on the chest, even you are a police officer ensuring the public order for this event or you are a hygienist working in the mall and supermarket. Many stores, bank building were decorated with paper flowers. All of these are reasons why I said Filipino is proud of this festival.


“Filipino youngsters who wore the “Paru-Paro” custom”

Philippine restaurants always serve their clients with full of respect. You won’t be hungry after you eat at any restaurant in the Philippines. They will serve more Java rice and soup, even your order is not related to them. If you want to eat more, you can, absolutely. I had chances to try eating in 3 restaurants last Saturday. And, I had tasted 3 kind of soup, such as cold and warm egg soup, and sinigang soup. Some of them have strange taste, especially sinigang soup, it’s really sour. I also had chances to taste 3 kinds of desert such as Putobumbong cake, Sago at Gutaman, and Cream de leche. All of them are really awesome. If you want to relax at night, you can go to Resto bars. In the Resto bars, you can eat delicious foods, and hear song from a music band.


In Resto Bars

Filipinos really love and respect arts, especially drawing. I had an opportunity to discover drawing activity on a short alley beside the Bookends store. There were many artists who were showing their talent, especially one talent who was disabled both hands and legs, he easily drew his feeling and forget everything. A big question I make when I visit malls and restrooms of all restaurants, what is the most significant of lizard symbol? I saw it everywhere. That’ll a big mystery I have to find out an answer.


Lizard symbol

                                                                                                                                      (From my homework.)

Bài tiếp theo mình sẽ viết về “Các giáo viên ở Long Long đáng yêu như thế nào!” Các bạn có thể đón đọc để hiểu rõ hơn cuộc sống học tập bên này nhé!

Chi tiết về HELP Longlong: https://philenglish.net/school/truong-anh-ngu-help-longlong

Theo nguồn: Phil English

by rsbatac | 3 YEARS AGO

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