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[CNS2] – Lễ kỷ niệm 10 năm thành lập CNS2 của học viên IELTS – Clory

Trong ngày thứ 7 ngày 13 tháng 8 năm 2016 học viên Clory đang theo học IELTS tại trường Anh ngữ CNS2 đã tham gia lễ kỷ niệm 10 năm thành lập trường. Tại đây Clory đã có một số cảm nhận về lễ kỷ niệm này và Phil English xin chia sẻ nguyên bản bài cảm nhận và chia sẻ của học viên Clory

” The IELTS study in CNS2 of Clory(4) – the 10th anniversary “

This Saturday, August 13, is the 10thanniversary. CNS2 invited all the students and teachers to celebrate this important time. Just like a party,we will be deserved by Philippine food and performance-most are acted by teachers. I thought the students would perform,but the teachers said that they were preparing for that. I was shocked. In china,only students appear on the stage and the teachers just enjoy watching. It is said that Filipinos are the most friendly race.That’s true. Our teachers always smile and are very patient to us. Now they still work hard for the performance. Thank them a lot!

Maybe the teachers wish us put more energy on study, so they did that for us.

It began at 6:30 pm. At the beginning,some teachers introduced the history and achievements of this school.Students sitted all over the floor,just waiting for the wonderful time.

Most of the teachers are female.They are more patient. In addition, it is said that women have more talent in language than men. Maybe that’s whay women are more capable for this job than men.

After 7:00, the eating time began.Various Philippine food, especially the meat,make us mouth-watering. The fruits can be mixed with liquid chocolate which was produced continuously by the twisting  machine. It’s another kind of eating way,and it’s delicious. Personally, I think that the food tast is similar to chinese food. For the reason that chinese came here hundreds of years ago,and they affected  the local people in the food culture.

The performance began. The first programme was a dance,hot dance. I can not imagine that the teachers are always gentle but still can dance this way. It’s amazing.

The following programme is a game which need teachers and students attend together. One need to deliver a sentence which was from the neighbor to another neighbor. It’s the time for listening test. Finally they got the totally different sentence from the original one. After comparing, we all laughted.

A chorus made by some teachers who have good voices.T.gene is the one playing Guitar.He is so versatile.On the wall of his office,the guitar is always hanged there.During the break,if you hear wonderful guitar music,it is from T.gene.

The teachers and students were working together for finding game eggs which are not real eggs.There were 2 teams which of them were made up of 5 teachers and 5 students.The exciting time came! Most people tried to find the eggs…You know,T.gene is really intelligent,for he opened the fridge and showed many real eggs to us…Aha.

There was a wonderful song sung by a Japanese girl and a Korean boy.They really have no accent like native speakers when singing.

The party ended about 10:00.We didn’t want to leave,so wonderful.CNS2 has been on the road for 10 years,actually,just for IELTS.They are the most professional academy.As students,we really thank those teachers who work hard for us!

Chi tiết về trường CNS2: https://philenglish.net/school/truong-anh-ngu-cns2/

Theo nguồn: Phil English

by rsbatac | 4 YEARS AGO

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