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Sau khi học IELTS tại trường Anh ngữ CNS2 được một vài tuần học viên Clory cảm thấy giáo viên của trường rất thận thiện và các bạn học viên học hành rất chăm chỉ. Clory cũng chia sẻ một số thông tin về công tác quản lý tại trường Anh ngữ CNS2. Hôm nay, Phil English xin chia sẻ bài cảm nhận của học viên Clory dưới dạng nguyên bản của bài viết.

“The IELTS study in CNS2 of Clory(8)- about the school management”

After several weeks study, I know more about CNS2. The teachers are friendly and responsible,the students study hard. In the latest weekly mock test, I feel much better than before,maybe I really improved. About the management of the school, I have some information to share with you:

1. The students are asked to give feedback about their teachers which keep the teachers improving

2. On the wall of first floor, I saw the employment information about CNS2. From the requirements, we know that CNS2 are strick about the teacher quality,not only the bachelor, pronounciation ,but also teaching experience. The new teachers will also be trained.Since CNS2 has good location in the downtown, they can easily get excellent teachers because it is convenient to commute.

3. The teachers are required to write notes for students in 1 to 1 class, especially speaking and writing. It make students concentrate on expressing and thinking. Forexample,my speaking teacher help me to note my wrong expression, weirdpronounciation, better sentences and the point of her class.

4. The teacher distinguish the purpose of the studentswith IELTS Academicac and IELTS General training. Genarally, the first is for further study in English speaking countries,the second is for immigration. They are just different in reading and writing, and the other two items are the same. During the training, the students sometimes will be given different papers.

5. The students can ask for change about the curriculums. The teachers can also adjust curriculums through the weekly test results depends on the advantages and disadvantages of the students. This is the weekly test comparison.

6. The morning test is about words dictation which are frequently used in IELTS test. Through the training, students can be familiar enough to them just like and, but, thisetc which is helpful for listening.

7. The students are asked to self study at night.Everyone can occupy one stable seat in the library which has closet with key and light which could be turned on or off freely.It’s convenient for us because we can change books there in the break.

8. About the dailylife, studentscan not go out at daytime and the curfew time is 10:20 pm on the weekdays. If you need to go out, just inform the students manager, then he/she will accompany you.

9. About the dormitory, in order to make students practice Englishmore, students are arranged to live with others from different country.

More share, just next week.

Chi tiết về trường CNS2: https://philenglish.net/school/truong-anh-ngu-cns2/

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by rsbatac | 4 YEARS AGO

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