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When I lived in Vietnam, I thought that studying English was not important, but now I realize that it is very important for finding a good job and making new foreign friends. So, at that time I knew that studying English in the Philippines will be helpful and the school that makes me most excited is CELLA. I chose to study in CELLA because of it’s friendly environment.


I chose to study English in the Philippines because of its environment where we can always speak English with Filipinos. I can always practice speaking English specially in CELLA, it helps me develop my English skills because I can enjoy many 1:1 classes, make many friends from other countries and I feel comfortable while I am studying with my teachers in CELLA. I can meet many friends who speak English very well and who can help me improve my English skills.

I chose power speaking 6 because when I lived in Vietnam, I was very shy whenever I talked with a new friend or strangers. Power speaking 6 has many 1:1 classes and group classes which I can practice anything and ask the teachers many questions.

I think many Vietnamese people have problems with pronunciation including me. During my first week in CELLA, nobody understood me and I was very worried about it. But the teachers in CELLA helped me to improve my pronunciation the next week until now,I feel better,Not only I keep studying English but I also travelled to many beautiful places in the Philippines.I was also able to taste a variety of Filipino dishes.

Studying in CELLA is not only studying English but also enjoying many for activities and having wonderful memories. But I am going back to Vietnam and find a good job which has a higher salary that makes me happy.

I wish I can come back to the Philippines soon. I love both the place and the people here.Thank to CELLA, I made a lot of friends from other countries and had wonderful experiences.

Thank you so much for everything. See you again!!!!


Chi tiết về trường CELLA Uni: https://philenglish.net/school/truong-anh-ngu-cella-uni/

Chi tiết về trường CELLA Premium: https://philenglish.net/school/truong-anh-ngu-cella-premium/

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